A Little Tarot Blog Love

While deciding to start my little tarot journey, I have been checking out a few tarot blogs. This isn’t going to be a giant long list of every tarot blog ever, it is going to be a brief and manageable list of the few blogs which are helping me carve out my path.

  1. Little Red Tarot: This blog is run by Beth, who is a pretty amazing lady. She has an awesome team of writers over there that provide diverse insight into tarot. If you are interested in gender or other social issues, their site is definitely a great place. They seem pretty authoritative and experienced, which is helpful. I’m currently using her Alternative Tarot Course (which is excellent), and it’s great because it focuses on you and your interpretations and your relationship to the cards rather than just memorizing book interpretations. Less flashcards, more personal exploration.
  2. Paige T’s Tarot and Tea: Paige’s website is just amazing. She has such a wacky, upbeat personality which is super apparent all over her pages. She’s high-energy in a way that is just naturally contagious. Like Beth, she seems well-practiced and full of authority. She knows what she’s doing, and offers great insights into this crazy tarot world.
  3. Greylady’s Hearth: This blog is run by Ellen, and she totally has that comfortable mom-vibe. You visit her site, read her card interpretations and just feel safe and at home. Unlike Beth and Paige, her site isn’t interested in teaching you tarot, it’s more like a personal journal telling the story of her tarot journey. She posts something every few days, so there is always something to read.

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