Daily Draw: Tues 4-18-17

WUT_AofWandsThis is a hard card for me. The art doesn’t really connect for me. Or maybe it does and I’m just psyching myself out. The Ace of Wands seems to be a super high-energy card. It is a tool of possibility, a tool which can be used for change. The flowers on it are vibrantly alive, epitomizing the energy of this card–vibrantly alive. This seems to be a card of doing–of action. Maybe tomorrow I need to be productive. Or maybe something is going to happen which I need to be prepared for. Or maybe I will have the right energies coursing through me to be productive and active. There is no place for a passive Carrina this Tuesday (contrary to all expectation as I rarely get enough sleep on Monday nights).

Kim Krans also understands this as a high-energy card (woooo go me!). He talks about it as a vat of creative juices. It is a card of inspiration; however, he also says that with this card, good judgement is still needed and there can be no rash action. Interesting. I don’t really get a cautionary vibe off of this card (but realistically, all of life should be handled with caution and without rashness).

Rachel Pollack echoes similar sentiment, suggesting that it means eagerness and strength. That there are things to be done and I should have strength enough to do them. I’d like to take a moment to say that the real beauty of Pollack’s Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom lies in her interpretations of the Rider-Waite art. She is knowledgeable and fascinating, and I think she’s awesome, particularly if you are working with a Rider-Waite deck.

JLT_AofWandsIn the Justice League Tarot, I see an image I can’t really connect with. The Ace of Wands is represented by the Phantom Stranger, a character with no confirmed backstory, but that definitely has some sort of biblical origins. He floats in front of the moon, wreathed in his smoke. The colors are akin to something I would expect from the swords suit. To me, this card seems to speak about the unknown. Mystic. Supernatural. This feels like a completely different card than other depictions of the Ace of Wands, and it actually makes me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know how to reconcile these wildly different images that seem to represent different things. This card feels out of place. A mismatch.

Image Credit to: Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot

Image Credit to: Sara Richard for the Justice League Tarot


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