How are we “Supposed” to Shuffle Tarot Cards?

Well, obviously, there isn’t necessarily a “right” answer to this question. The eternal advice with the tarot is: do what feels right. Most people choose to simply shuffle overhand, but due to my extensive experience (read: I’m a huge giant gamer nerd) with nerdy card games, I know that this isn’t an adequate method of randomization. That is to say, the cards remain in a trackable, predictable order when one only uses the overhand shuffle. Which is why I violently riffle all of my cards. I want the cards to truly be in the order that they fall in naturally, and this is the method that I think achieves that. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few overhand shuffles if the cards tell me that there is a pocket of cards somewhere that needs to be elsewhere. Other than that, riffle riffle riffle.

When it comes to cutting the deck, I do. But I’ve been hating it. I felt like it was something I “had to” do. I felt like it wasn’t optional. Half the time when I cut, I have to shuffle again because I feel like I have disturbed the energies that I have just built up. It feels intuitively wrong. I don’t think I’m going to cut anymore. I think I’m just going to pull from the top after my vigorous shuffling.

Then, there is the issue of performing readings for others. Do you let them shuffle the cards if it is an in-person reading? One, I’m no professional tarot reader. I occasionally read for my boyfriend, but other than that, no one even knows I mess with tarot. I think this is a complicated question with a complicated answer. For me, where I’m at, right now, I don’t let others touch the cards. There is one deck that I’m working with (and I only have three) closely and personally, and I don’t want those energies disturbed. I don’t want the cards responding to someone else’s intuition because I think it takes away from my relationship with the cards. But if I was in a different place in life and had multiple working tarot decks, I would likely let others shuffle. I wouldn’t let them shuffle my super ultra personal deck that I’m working with, but I would let them shuffle my this-is-my-deck-other-people-can-touch deck. I think that physical touch will enhance the quality of their reading, and if I was giving readings, I would make sure that I had a deck I felt comfortable with that I could share with them.

There isn’t necessarily any logic behind any of this. It’s just what feels right.


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