Daily Draw: Wed 4-19-17

WUT_8ofWandsToday my draw is the VIII of Wands. The only word that comes to mind is: spark. Wands typically feel higher-energy to me. Yesterday was the Ace of Wands, which I feel embodies that quality to the highest degree; the Ace is pure, unfiltered energy. The VIII is more like potential or direction. The spark has ignited and now the shift occurs. Shift in thinking in life in something. It feels like a card of movement and change. My life has movement and momentum. Rainbow lightning strikes the center of a wheel of wands. This lightning is the force to get this wheel spinning.

I haven’t yet mentioned how much I love Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook. The way that he describes card meanings is incredibly informative and modern. Sometimes I find that tarot books can feel a bit dated, but never with Krans. To him, this card means “sudden movement or change” (Krans 59), but he adds that it can also mean clarity. I find this interpretation both intriguing and compelling. It makes the card feel less mundane and more connected to realization and epiphany.

Unlike yesterday, I dig the interpretation of the VIII of Wands found in the Justice League Tarot. It. Is. The. Flash. So much energy, so much movement, so much directionality. It’s freaking awesome. The art style seems like a throw back to the Rider-Waite version of this card. The straight, streaking lines behind the flash resemble the straight wands landing in the Rider-Waite version. Beautiful.

Image Credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot


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