Consider the Ace

First things first, I am using the Wild Unknown Tarot right now, so all credit for this beautiful art goes to Kim Krans.


When I think about the aces, I think of iconic images which represent, in some way, the spirit or flavor of the whole suit. They are the pure energy represented in the suit as the whole–they are the chief icon to lean on when interpreting the other cards in the suit. For the Wands, this is their undying energy; for Cups their bottomless pools of emotion. Then there are the Swords which seem to typically have a pretty dark feeling to them–even more particularly in this deck. And lastly there are the Pentacles with their overt physicality. All four feel like beginnings to the story of their suit.

Ace of Wands

This card is on my mind because it was my daily draw just a few days ago, so I’m sorry if anything I have to say seems a bit repetitive. This card feels like mental energy. I feel crazy intensity coming off of it; it feels like a card of possibility and getting shit done. It could be a burst in creative juices, enabling you to finish that project you’ve been procrastinating, or maybe it’s just a sudden increase in energy so you clean your whole house. Including that one drawer that hasn’t been cleaned in a year. Where did all those coupons  come from? It’s red color reflect its fiery energy. In the image, it is a single wand with reds, oranges, and yellows emanating from its center. It is like a small sun. Bright. Powerful.

Ace of Cups

Cups are a suit that my Gemini spirt struggles to connect with sometimes, so when I look at the Ace of Cups (or cups in general) I am more apt to see elemental imagery than feelings or situations. This card is a goblet (symbol of the goddess) set against a scaly blue background. You can sense the fish behind this. Unlike the Rider-Waite image I (and many people) are familiar with, this card is not over-flowing. And if we are to take the scaly background as a fish, I think it would suggest that this cup is in fact submerged entirely. The cups emotional nature make them cards of relationships, love, connection, and emotion in general. This card might suggest that there is a new opportunity for a relationship of some kind in your life, or for a relationship to become renewed.

Ace of Swords

Swords swords swords. Air. This card is set in a storm, setting up the generally somber feeling of the suit. Swords are connected to matters of intellect and this sword seems to be indicating a moment of intellectual clarity. It is the only clear thing in the storm–it seems as though it could stand against it all. While swords can often be a bit gloom and doom, they can also represent truth and knowlege, and these are very empowering things. You have the knowlege to make good and informed decisions with the swords at your back. This knowlege can also look like wisdom; you may have learned the unfortunate lessons found in cards like the X of Swords, and are now wiser for it. This is a suit to learn from; it represents both the pain and the knowlege that comes after.

Ace of Pentacles

The pentacles are connected to the body. To the tangible, physical world. The art portrays a glowing center at the heart of a tree. You are here. You are secure and in a position of financial stability. The Ace means that you are at the beginning of this security, or that it is coming, or that an opportunity to achieve this is on its way. Pentacles often are coins in the tarot, and they are very much a money and wealth suit. Not only do they represent our mundane, urban lives, the pentacles are also cards of nature. This suit urges us to consider where we stand in relation to the mundane parts of our lives: work, health, and wealth are key issues of the pentacles.


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