Death & Letting Go

IMG_20170421_032915Re: The Reader’s Reading I just did. My spread was pretty helpful overall, but the last card was a little fuzzy to me. I’m picking a card to meditate on for a while, to help guide my beginning tarot journey. Out of all the cards, Death is the card that immediately made the most sense to me. I flipped it and I didn’t need to know what it’s position in the spread was supposed to mean because I already knew what that card meant to me. I knew why it was there and what it was trying to tell me as soon as I flipped it. My boyfriend tells me all the time, “Carrina, you’d be happier if you could just learn to let things go.” I’m an incredibly passionate person and I feel everything intensely. This makes it hard to let things go, especially the little things. Things bother me all the time. And it really detracts from my spiritual growth and prevents me from being as happy as I could be. I need to learn to let things die. I know that things won’t stop bothering me, but I shouldn’t get so worked up about them. I want to have a this-is-hecking-ridiculous-but-I-can’t-be-bothered attitude. Just because I feel something intensely doesn’t mean I have to let that feeling shadow me for the rest of the day. In order to get freedom and to heal, I need to let things go. Death is a reminder of that.

Image credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot


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