Week Spread 4/24-4/30

Today I did a weekly spread to ask about how my finals week will go. This is a seven-card spread where each card corresponds to a day of the coming week. My spread begins with Monday.IMG_20170423_222321

Monday: IX of Wands

This card feels pretty straight-forward. There is a task to complete and at the end is the moon of enlightenment or wholeness. I don’t think that the moon is so spiritual for me this week. I think the cards are telling me that I have a tangible task to complete (which I do). It is a weary, dull task and this card is a reflection of that. A staircase that seems endlessly long, keeping my goal just out of reach. But I must keep climbing.

Tuesday: V of Pentacles

Pentacles relate to the physical world, and the weeping rose seems to suggest that I will fail in my task. That this will be an exhausting day wherein I will not be the victor. My day may defeat me. It can also mean illness, and I think that it might mean that I’ll suffer illness of the mind. Anxiety. Sensations of defeat.

Wednesday: Justice

Justice is of course, a card of balance. Many artistic interpretations of this card feature scales of balance. This version seems more interested in a yin/yang, black/white version of this balance. The sword emphasizes that there is something on the line, that justice is a strong force. The sword connects it to the Sword suits, a suit of ends and pain. I think this card is suggesting that my life will be brought back into balance a bit on Wednesday, especially in light of the previous day. On Tuesday I will struggle, but I’ll be back to normal on Wednesday. My suffering will be temporary.

Thursday: V of Cups

Yet another card of woe. Tough week. Makes sense. This card can represent grief or disappointment. This is going to be a rough week. This is dead week, I have paper after paper due and it is all a bit too much. I will suffer for my procrastination.

Friday: VI of Pentacles

This is a card of bounty. All of my suffering will pay off. WOOOO! Success at the end of the tunnel. (Just before likely more suffering the following week–finals week). The pentacles grow like fruit off of the branch in the image. Pentacles represent worldly things. So my mundane, tangible life will look bright on Friday.

Saturday: The Hermit

I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. I need to take some alone time. That is the only way I can really get everything done for the following week. By spending my Saturday in solitary productivity.

Sunday: The World

Completion. I will do the things and it will be amazing.

Image Credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot


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