Exploring the Relationships Between Elements and Suits

  Pentacles Swords Wands Cups
Earth Stability and roots. Tangible success


Good time to contemplate your financial life and options New project related to work. More mud. But this time its as if there isn’t room for emotions in real life.
Air Money problems. Too much thinking not enough action Problems. Thought. Observation. Internal problems. Stop to consider your actions. Wild emotions. Air is a bit chaotic and when it influences emotions…
Fire New, profitable venture



It is time to act on your ideas. Or take action to resolve problems. Action. Passion. Projects. Act on your emotions! Tell someone how you feel, etc.
Water MUD. Muggy work that is messed up or complicated by emotion Emotional problems. Instability. Time to do some emotional labor. Self-discovery and analysis Pure torrents of raw emotion. Time for the feels.


Image Credit to: Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot

Post Idea Credit to Beth Maiden, The Alternative Tarot Course


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