Daily Draw: Fri 4-28-17

IMG_20170428_012604Today’s daily draw is the Ace of Swords. I always argue that the Ace represents the Suit in its purest form, but today I’m getting a slightly different reading off the card. Probably because I just worked on looking for the other elements in each suit. The lightning in this card is just jumping out at me. This card is mental energy in a stormy setting, which is kind of the epitome of the Swords, but at the same time, I associate lightning with the Wands, with action, with projects, and passion. The sword is also wrapped in a snakeskin lemniscate (infinity symbol), the snakeskin connects back to the wands suit again, particularly in The Wild Unknown Tarot because the Wands’ court cards are snakes. It seems to be a card of adversary because of the white encroaching on the darkness. The white is coming from the sword, the sword is challenging the sky. This is an eternal battle (because of the lemniscate). This is a very action-y card–it is a card of mental strife to me today. I’m going to need to be mentally tough today, and I’m going to need to do some mental labor. What do I want. What do I want to be.

I recently had my cards read for me using the Free Tarot Network, and my reader (thanks, Cornelius!) gave me a really interesting reading telling me to question my motivations for pursuing the spiritual path that I’m on. I don’t really know what to think or how to approach this. And I think that I may need to do start the mental gymnastics to sort out my ideas about myself.

In Kim Krans’ Guidebook, he adds another layer to the Ace of Swords: mental clarity. He suggests that now is a good time to make decisions that you’ve been procrastinating, but I think this extends to thinking about things that you’ve been procrastinating. Now is time for action-thought. Time to do the thing I don’t want to do. Time to think about the thing that’s hard. Krans’ depiction and interpretation of the card differs from traditional Rider-Waite-Smith imagery. In that deck, the Ace of Swords really is pure intellect, divorced from emotion, pursuing a higher level of (spiritual?) knowledge. But this one feels quite different. More room for intuitive readings, less right-wrong.


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