How do I Connect to the Elements?

We are all made up of the qualities which all of the elements represent. This is my short meditation on on how I see myself in the elements.


This is the element I most connect with. To me it not only represents intellectual energy, but also spiritual energy. It represents the spiritual self. It also represents struggle, which has been something I’ve certainly experienced regularly in my life. I’ve always felt connected with this element.


I also connect with fire, as I’m a pretty passionate person. Passionate in the sense that I am really invested in pretty much everything. Co-worker did something wrong, and I’m really bothered. Professor said something stupid in class, and I struggle to let it go. I struggle to let anything go. But on the flip side, things that I love and that are meaningful to me, mean the world to me.


I feel really disconnected from this element. I’m not very good at focusing on the tangible world. I like to do the things—learn the things that I want to do/learn. I struggle with obligations and the have-to’s in life.


I don’t have a very good sense of what water is. I know I’m not earthy because I can define it. With water, I know it relates to emotion, and with all the caring I do in fire, I certainly am a bit of an emotional person. I’m a pretty empathetic person, and that has to be a bit watery, but overall, I struggle to understand this element beyond “this is where the feels are.”


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