How do I Connect to the Elements?

We are all made up of the qualities which all of the elements represent. This is my short meditation on on how I see myself in the elements.


This is the element I most connect with. To me it not only represents intellectual energy, but also spiritual energy. It represents the spiritual self. It also represents struggle, which has been something I’ve certainly experienced regularly in my life. I’ve always felt connected with this element.

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Exploring the Relationships Between Elements and Suits

  Pentacles Swords Wands Cups
Earth Stability and roots. Tangible success


Good time to contemplate your financial life and options New project related to work. More mud. But this time its as if there isn’t room for emotions in real life.
Air Money problems. Too much thinking not enough action Problems. Thought. Observation. Internal problems. Stop to consider your actions. Wild emotions. Air is a bit chaotic and when it influences emotions…
Fire New, profitable venture



It is time to act on your ideas. Or take action to resolve problems. Action. Passion. Projects. Act on your emotions! Tell someone how you feel, etc.
Water MUD. Muggy work that is messed up or complicated by emotion Emotional problems. Instability. Time to do some emotional labor. Self-discovery and analysis Pure torrents of raw emotion. Time for the feels.


Image Credit to: Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot

Post Idea Credit to Beth Maiden, The Alternative Tarot Course

Elemental Symbols in the Wild Unknown Tarot

Today’s post might be a little boring. I’m more doing journal work to specifically help me and help me look deeper into the imagery on the cards. I looked at all 78 cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot and compiled a list of images in the cards that resonated with a particular element. This is the list of symbols that I felt associated with each element.

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Death & Letting Go

IMG_20170421_032915Re: The Reader’s Reading I just did. My spread was pretty helpful overall, but the last card was a little fuzzy to me. I’m picking a card to meditate on for a while, to help guide my beginning tarot journey. Out of all the cards, Death is the card that immediately made the most sense to me. I flipped it and I didn’t need to know what it’s position in the spread was supposed to mean because I already knew what that card meant to me. I knew why it was there and what it was trying to tell me as soon as I flipped it. My boyfriend tells me all the time, “Carrina, you’d be happier if you could just learn to let things go.” I’m an incredibly passionate person and I feel everything intensely. This makes it hard to let things go, especially the little things. Continue reading “Death & Letting Go”

Consider the Ace

First things first, I am using the Wild Unknown Tarot right now, so all credit for this beautiful art goes to Kim Krans.


When I think about the aces, I think of iconic images which represent, in some way, the spirit or flavor of the whole suit. They are the pure energy represented in the suit as the whole–they are the chief icon to lean on when interpreting the other cards in the suit. For the Wands, this is their undying energy; for Cups their bottomless pools of emotion. Then there are the Swords which seem to typically have a pretty dark feeling to them–even more particularly in this deck. And lastly there are the Pentacles with their overt physicality. All four feel like beginnings to the story of their suit.

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Thinking about my Decks…

I began my journey into Tarot with a traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you all know the one, the one with the infamous checked card back. It was sooooo traditional that it was from, like, the 70’s–it didn’t have a glossy finish. It felt like paper and didn’t have the dreaded copyright information on the card face. But when I moved out, I did the ‘right thing’ and gave the deck back to my mother and bought my own, new Rider-Waite-Smith (still with the checked back). Unfortunately, this meant having those glossy finished cards. I don’t like that plastic-y, glossy feel. I’ve been working with, and trying to learn those cards in some capacity on and off again for about a decade. The images are so complex, and there is just so much in them that I have constantly found it difficult to get all of the image associations packed into those cards. The images almost feel like helpful hints or cheat codes to help me decipher the cards. But my approach, it always felt a bit too academic–a bit too forced. I wasn’t connecting with the cards, but I was learning.

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What is my Tarot Birth Card?

What is a Tarot Birth Card you ask? It’s a Major Arcana card corresponding to a number linked to the numerology of your birthday.

According to Beth’s ( Alternative Tarot Course, your birth card
“is calculated by simply adding together the digits in your date of birth. For example, my birthday is January 22 1982. I add the numbers together like this:
2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 25
If you got a number over 9, add together the digits again (this is called ‘reducing’ in numerology.)
2 + 5 = 7
So my birth card is card no. 7 – The Chariot.” (Definitely check her out, she’s amazingly knowledgeable and her program is wonderful–it focuses on your understanding of the cards rather than memorizing a book), and for an even more in-depth explanation of the birth card, check out her post here.

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