Daily Draw: Wed 4-19-17

WUT_8ofWandsToday my draw is the VIII of Wands. The only word that comes to mind is: spark. Wands typically feel higher-energy to me. Yesterday was the Ace of Wands, which I feel embodies that quality to the highest degree; the Ace is pure, unfiltered energy. The VIII is more like potential or direction. The spark has ignited and now the shift occurs. Shift in thinking in life in something. It feels like a card of movement and change. My life has movement and momentum. Rainbow lightning strikes the center of a wheel of wands. This lightning is the force to get this wheel spinning.

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How are we “Supposed” to Shuffle Tarot Cards?

Well, obviously, there isn’t necessarily a “right” answer to this question. The eternal advice with the tarot is: do what feels right. Most people choose to simply shuffle overhand, but due to my extensive experience (read: I’m a huge giant gamer nerd) with nerdy card games, I know that this isn’t an adequate method of randomization. That is to say, the cards remain in a trackable, predictable order when one only uses the overhand shuffle. Which is why I violently riffle all of my cards. I want the cards to truly be in the order that they fall in naturally, and this is the method that I think achieves that. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few overhand shuffles if the cards tell me that there is a pocket of cards somewhere that needs to be elsewhere. Other than that, riffle riffle riffle.

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Daily Draw: Tues 4-18-17

WUT_AofWandsThis is a hard card for me. The art doesn’t really connect for me. Or maybe it does and I’m just psyching myself out. The Ace of Wands seems to be a super high-energy card. It is a tool of possibility, a tool which can be used for change. The flowers on it are vibrantly alive, epitomizing the energy of this card–vibrantly alive. This seems to be a card of doing–of action. Maybe tomorrow I need to be productive. Or maybe something is going to happen which I need to be prepared for. Or maybe I will have the right energies coursing through me to be productive and active. There is no place for a passive Carrina this Tuesday (contrary to all expectation as I rarely get enough sleep on Monday nights).

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Daily Draw: Mon 4-17-17

MotherofSwordsMy daily draw is the Mother of Swords. I’m using the Wild Unknown Tarot (https://www.thewildunknown.com). The suit swords have been following me my whole life. Oftentimes the 8, 9, and 10 of Swords. But recently, the mother has started following me around, too. I feel like she has something important to tell me, but I can’t figure out who or what she is. She seems a stern figure to me. Even-tempered, never somber or glad. She is collected–painfully controlled. She holds herself to herself and doesn’t let the walls between herself and others collapse. The sword symbolizes issues of spirit, and she supports herself on this. She controls herself but not necessarily the spiritual. She is detached. Her folded wings suggest stability; although she has the power to fly, she rests.

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Tarot Beginnings

The Fool (1)My first memory with tarot is my mom sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor with a black cloth with the Celtic Cross spread printed on it covered in traditional Rider-Waite tarot cards when I was about five years old. I thought it was mystical and cool, and she naturally shooed me away so she could focus. That was that.
Fast forward about five years and I was asking her if I could borrow her deck. I played with it and read for my other 10-year-old friends. We all oooohed and awwdd over the mysticism of the cards. I was doing a simple three card past-present-future spread. It was fun. And eventually I gave the cards back. Then later, at around 15, I asked my mom yet again if I could borrow her deck. I was playing around with tarot and Wicca and mysticism. Just exploring, but just like always, I read from the little white book and never committed to a real practice. When I moved out, I gave my mom her deck back one last time and got my own–my own Rider-Waite deck.

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