Daily Draw: Sun 4-23-17

WUT_4ofSwordsThe IV of Swords. I really love the art on this card; I find it incredibly descriptive. There sits the lamb, and above it are four, downward-pointing swords. In spite of this, the lamb is calm, peaceful, and fearless. It’s third eye is illuminated. I feel this means that it is the lamb’s wisdom which safeguards it from harm. This means that in order to deal with my current issues and obstacles, I need to find the calmness and mental space to do so. I need to be disciplined and calm and not fall to anxiety. It’s dead week and next week is finals week. I have tons of papers to write and I need to write them now. This card is telling me that I have to take a deep breath and push through. I can’t lose myself to a mental breakdown. I can do this, if only I remember to breathe. I must be calm on the inside to make it through.

Image Credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot