Daily Draw: Fri 4-21-17

IMG_20170421_012830Today, I pulled the III of Pentacles from my deck. The Pentacles is a suit that I don’t really connect with very much and struggle to read (that just means I need more practice with them). This card feels very structural to me. Institutional, almost. For whatever reason, I associate mountains with wisdom, so this seems like a card of institutional wisdom. School. I’m an American university student, so this idea of institutional education is very tangible in my life. Which makes sense when interpreting this card, because the pentacles are associated with the physical self or the body. These cards tend not to be too abstract.

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Daily Draw: Tues 4-18-17

WUT_AofWandsThis is a hard card for me. The art doesn’t really connect for me. Or maybe it does and I’m just psyching myself out. The Ace of Wands seems to be a super high-energy card. It is a tool of possibility, a tool which can be used for change. The flowers on it are vibrantly alive, epitomizing the energy of this card–vibrantly alive. This seems to be a card of doing–of action. Maybe tomorrow I need to be productive. Or maybe something is going to happen which I need to be prepared for. Or maybe I will have the right energies coursing through me to be productive and active. There is no place for a passive Carrina this Tuesday (contrary to all expectation as I rarely get enough sleep on Monday nights).

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Daily Draw: Mon 4-17-17

MotherofSwordsMy daily draw is the Mother of Swords. I’m using the Wild Unknown Tarot (https://www.thewildunknown.com). The suit swords have been following me my whole life. Oftentimes the 8, 9, and 10 of Swords. But recently, the mother has started following me around, too. I feel like she has something important to tell me, but I can’t figure out who or what she is. She seems a stern figure to me. Even-tempered, never somber or glad. She is collected–painfully controlled. She holds herself to herself and doesn’t let the walls between herself and others collapse. The sword symbolizes issues of spirit, and she supports herself on this. She controls herself but not necessarily the spiritual. She is detached. Her folded wings suggest stability; although she has the power to fly, she rests.

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