Daily Draw: Fri 4-28-17

IMG_20170428_012604Today’s daily draw is the Ace of Swords. I always argue that the Ace represents the Suit in its purest form, but today I’m getting a slightly different reading off the card. Probably because I just worked on looking for the other elements in each suit. The lightning in this card is just jumping out at me. This card is mental energy in a stormy setting, which is kind of the epitome of the Swords, but at the same time, I associate lightning with the Wands, with action, with projects, and passion. The sword is also wrapped in a snakeskin lemniscate (infinity symbol), the snakeskin connects back to the wands suit again, particularly in The Wild Unknown Tarot because the Wands’ court cards are snakes. It seems to be a card of adversary because of the white encroaching on the darkness. The white is coming from the sword, the sword is challenging the sky. This is an eternal battle (because of the lemniscate). This is a very action-y card–it is a card of mental strife to me today. I’m going to need to be mentally tough today, and I’m going to need to do some mental labor. What do I want. What do I want to be. Continue reading “Daily Draw: Fri 4-28-17”


Week Spread 4/24-4/30

Today I did a weekly spread to ask about how my finals week will go. This is a seven-card spread where each card corresponds to a day of the coming week. My spread begins with Monday.IMG_20170423_222321

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Daily Draw: Sun 4-23-17

WUT_4ofSwordsThe IV of Swords. I really love the art on this card; I find it incredibly descriptive. There sits the lamb, and above it are four, downward-pointing swords. In spite of this, the lamb is calm, peaceful, and fearless. It’s third eye is illuminated. I feel this means that it is the lamb’s wisdom which safeguards it from harm. This means that in order to deal with my current issues and obstacles, I need to find the calmness and mental space to do so. I need to be disciplined and calm and not fall to anxiety. It’s dead week and next week is finals week. I have tons of papers to write and I need to write them now. This card is telling me that I have to take a deep breath and push through. I can’t lose myself to a mental breakdown. I can do this, if only I remember to breathe. I must be calm on the inside to make it through.

Image Credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot

Elemental Symbols in the Wild Unknown Tarot

Today’s post might be a little boring. I’m more doing journal work to specifically help me and help me look deeper into the imagery on the cards. I looked at all 78 cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot and compiled a list of images in the cards that resonated with a particular element. This is the list of symbols that I felt associated with each element.

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Daily Draw: 4-22-17

WUT_theMagicianToday’s daily draw is the Magician. For all of the spiritual energy of the High Priestess, the Magician represents physical energy. In some decks, he is call the Alchemist, strengthening his ties to the world of the physical and physical manipulation. He has full control of the four elements, which is why the four suits are represented on his card. He is a card of action. I have stuff I need to get done today. Real, mundane work to do. I’m sure there is more to unpack, but I’m just not feeling it.

Image Credit to Kim Krans for the Wild Unknown Tarot

Death & Letting Go

IMG_20170421_032915Re: The Reader’s Reading I just did. My spread was pretty helpful overall, but the last card was a little fuzzy to me. I’m picking a card to meditate on for a while, to help guide my beginning tarot journey. Out of all the cards, Death is the card that immediately made the most sense to me. I flipped it and I didn’t need to know what it’s position in the spread was supposed to mean because I already knew what that card meant to me. I knew why it was there and what it was trying to tell me as soon as I flipped it. My boyfriend tells me all the time, “Carrina, you’d be happier if you could just learn to let things go.” I’m an incredibly passionate person and I feel everything intensely. This makes it hard to let things go, especially the little things. Continue reading “Death & Letting Go”

Reading Myself as a Reader

Today, I did a six-card spread designed to provide insight into my journey as a tarot card reader. I can in no way take credit for this spread, I found it through Beth at littleredtarot.com; she calls it the Reader’s Reading. Follow the link to read more about it.

My Spread


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